Brandon Toma Photography | About

I am a passionate L.A.(Torrance) based photographer that specializes in Wedding and Engagement Photography.  When taking photos for a special event such as a Wedding or Engagement I will work my hardest to ensure that I am able to capture every moment I can so that you will treasure these memories for a lifetime.  I like to prefer my own style on this pictures for a unique perspective on my images, but of course I am always open to suggestions.  If there is a particular type of picture you are looking for please feel free to let me know, we are creating these images together.

My photography skill don't stop at just Weddings and Engagements, I find passion in just about all types of photography as I love doing Portraits, Action/Sports , Wild Life, and Landscape Photography.  If you are interested in doing any of these other types of photography please contact me as I am always looking for new and interesting photo ops. 

I have been addicted to taking pictures ever since I got my first camera in high school.  I still carry a camera with me where ever I go.  I love capturing every moment I can from formal family event to just taking food pic's of my meal while trying a new restaurant on my yelp list. If you hire me know that I will do everything I can to make sure you have the best experience possible. I bring to the table experience and passion that go back many years.